Deep penetration in the organism

Some essentials oils work on the complete body, while others show a special preference for certain organs. When these oils reach those organs, they leave the biggest part of their active principles in that organ. When this organ has absorbed what it needs, it eliminates the rest. The oils run through the whole body and they act where needed.

The best way to make the essentials oils enter the organism is through the skin. If the molecular structure of the oil is small enough, it will be absorbed by the skin. Essential oils have a really small molecular size, so it is important to blend them with carrier oils whose particles are also small, so as to be absorbed by the skin easily.

Mineral and synthetic oils have big molecules, they remain on the skin layer and do not help essential oils to penetrate. Once the oils have entered the skin, they are absorbed by the tissues and driven to the lymph system. Then they will reach the bloodstream and will be spread all over the body. The essential oils can start working after minutes or hours, but their effect lasts up to 72 hours.

When receiving a massage with essences, the properties are inmediately aborbed by the olfactory system, and then, a little bit slower, through the skin. This way the particles of the essential oil penetrate the organism and the whole body.